GOAL: to deploy an intelligent behavior-based monitoring and analysis system, capable of predicting the components/subsystems upcoming state and needed maintenance operations with high level of confidence.

GAIN: enriched knowledge of the production systems, improving production planning and decision making on maintenance needs.


GOAL: to prevent the occurrence, building up and propagation of failures through responsible factors identification and flagging by means of Failure Model and Effect Analysis (FMEA).

GAIN: reduced false alarms and failure breakdowns.


GOAL: to execute a diagnosis when an occurring or an emerging failure is detected and clustering of false positives and false negatives.

GAIN: avoided failure uprising by weighting the system model and mapping the true reasons for the emergence.


GOAL: to evaluate the remaining useful life of the assets based on the information deriving from strategies and operations.

GAIN: enhancement of maintenance actions.


GOAL: to supervise and optimize the system by interfacing with the Decision Support System (DSS), Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and filtered operational data.

GAIN: optimized adaptability and improved flexibility of the manufacturing system.


GOAL: to make optimized decisions over maintenance actions in case of failure.

GAIN: minimization of the degree of intervention required and maximization of system availability.


GOAL: to identify the required type of action for a diagnosed failure and synchronization of all the remedy measures with supply-chain tiers, production planning and logistics.

GAIN: optimized scheduling, weighting failure impact, and reduced costs by carrying out maintenance activities on time.



GOAL: to prevent any activation to the machines under investigation or repair and securing the comfort of human personnel on the shopfloor.

GAIN: reduced risks and accidents at workplace.

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