2nd Review Meeting.. Online!

Z-BRE4K partners met virtually on June 4th for the 2nd PR Review Meeting.

We discussed the results achieved at M30 which will contribute to the final goal of Z-BRE4K: reaching a sustainable and zero defect manufacturing strategy for the factories of the future.

In the next months we’ll go on with Z-BRE4K demonstration activities (WP6), which will directly involve the project’s use cases – Philips, Sacmi-CDS and Gestamp – and Z-BRE4K technology providers for the testing of Z-BRE4K solutions and architecture in relevant industrial environments.

Moreover, project partners are cooperating to define a common exploitation strategy which will bring Z-BRE4K solution to the market and some will present our progresses at important events, conferences and webinars, together with other Assiciations and projects,  in the forthcoming months.

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