The 24th January 2019, Z-BRE4K project will take part in the 1st Workshop on Predictive Maintenance at Philips in Drachten (NL) organized by Prophesy Project.

Z-BRE4K and PROPHESY belongs to the Foresee cluster that gathers the 6 projects funded under the FoF-09 call of H2020 Programme: PROPHESY, SERENA, Z-BRE4K, PRECOM, PROGRAMS, UPTIME of the project and bring together several.

The main objective of the Workshop is to present the results achieved by Prophesy and the other EU manufacturing and PdM related projects. All the the Foresee Cluster projects will present their results.

 Workshop On Predictive Maintenance

Z-BRE4K will present its solution and its approach to the predictive and prescriptive maintenance implemented in the project demonstrators.

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