January 24th, 2019. Philips, in the Dutch town of Drachten, holds the first Workshop on Predictive Maintenance, organized by Prophesy, and Z-BRE4K  members were pleased to take part in it.
Both projects belong to the Foresee cluster that gathers the 6 projects funded under the FoF-09 call of H2020 Program. Z-BRE4K, PROPHESY, SERENA, PRECOM, PROGRAMS and UPTIME are working towards the innovation, science excellence and industrial leadership that H2020 Program aims.

Being Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance such a cutting-edge topic, it is crucial for the projects involved to share and present to each other the results achieved; and so was the purpose of PROPHESY when organizing this workshop.

 Workshop On Predictive Maintenance


It was a great opportunity to learn and share knowledge with other attending projects and people who, the same way Z-BRE4K does, are strongly committed to the innovation and the industrial improvement the EU is trying to promote.  The reviews on the workshop demonstrate that gathering and sharing helps us all to achieve our common goal.

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