ForeSee 1#Webinar – the Whirlpool use case with Pierluigi Petrali

On September 24th there will be the 1st webinar of the ForeSee cluster, hosted by CRIT from the Z-BRE4K Project.

During this first webinar, we will investigate the Whirlpool use case with Pierluigi Petrali, Manufacturing R&D manager at Whirlpool Corporation,  global manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances.

Whirlpool is end-user partner in both SERENA and UPTIME providing two use cases, one based in a Refrigeration factory in Italy and the second in a Clothes Drier factory in Poland.

WHR presentation will focus mostly on SERENA project, showing the typical phases of a Predictive Maintenance project and highlighting the architectural aspect of the technical solution, demonstrating how a combination of open source component deployable on Edge or on Cloud can satisfy the nedd of a PM.  Then, Pierluigi will present also the UPTIME project, whose architecture has been developed according to a more modularity oriented philosophy.


Pierluigi Petrali is Manufacturing R&D manager at Whirlpool Corporation. The Research Division has acquired over the years expertise in numerous areas such as manufacturing, materials, mechanical design, thermodynamics, energy transmission, energy efficiency, etc. that enable the company to undertake significant and challenging research projects. Strategic collaborations with several universities and research centers from all around Europe support Whirlpool needs.


In the same webinar, we will host the presentation of the Danobat/Spinea use case, use case from the PreCoM project and we’ll host the keynote speech of Dr. Makris and  Dr. Alexopoulos from the SERENA project on Platforms and Microservices for manufacturing operations. Have a look at our News & event page and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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