SACMI has hosted a Technical Meeting in order to discuss strategic technical issues, focusing on the packaging sector use case. Other partners of the Z-BRE4K project, in particular, Holonix, CRIT and Brunel University have attended the meeting which has taken place between October 9th and 12th.

In the first part of the meeting, the Data Acquisition interface has been successfully installed and tested in a working prototype of the Continuous Compression Moulding (CCM) machine. This activity has been led by Holonix, which is likewise working on the development of an interface for the gathering of information related to maintenance operations.

The second part of the meeting has given attention to the analysis of historical data, which is being used within the Networked Machine Simulators module. In this regard SACMI’s engineers and data scientists have been working together with Brunel University’s researchers to correctly interpret the information coming from the production line. Brunel University is leading this task so that a precise Machine Learning System for predictive, preventive and diagnostics analytics is delivered.

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