Predictive Maintenance Assessment for manufacturing companies

Within the Z-BRE4K project we want to offer the possibility to manufacturing companies to evaluate their positioning about the adoption of Predictive Maintenance (PdM) solutions and technologies at the European level.

Hence, Z-BRE4K launched a survey activity with the aim of interviewing at least 50 companies at the EU level, both SMEs and LE, from the following sectors:

  • Process industries;
  • Consumer goods manufacturing;
  • High-added value parts manufacturing;
  • Industrial maintenance company;
  • OEM of low-end machinery;
  • OEM of high-end machinery;
  • Energy and transport sector.

The results of this survey will allow to identify the needs and requirements of companies and to compare them with the PdM solutions elaborated by the Z-BRE4K partnership.

How does it work?

We’ll administer you a questionnaire, by e-mail, phone call or telco, with the support of a Technology Advisor from Z-BRE4K partners which will help you filling in the form.

Why to participate?

  1. You could get a report of your company about its positioning in the adoption of PdM solutions and a comparison with other companies from the European manufacturing sector.
  2. You could get a European overview of the current PdM solutions.
  3. You could discover the Predictive Maintenance solutions and technologies elaborated within the Z-BRE4K Consortium.
  4. You could take part to webinars on this theme and you could know the use-cases developed at the European level.

If you want to participate, write us! Mail to: Diego Bartolomé (DEM of the Z-BRE4K project):

All the information collected via the questionnaire will be confidential and used for the sole purpose of the survey. Hence, the results and general data of companies and interviewees will be NOT made public. All the data collected via the survey will be anonymised, aggregated, and generalised for the purpose of the survey. The treatment of personal data is compliant with the GDPR.
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