I-Like Machines and data value. How to receive and to use data from machines?

Serena Albertario
DATA MANAGER, October 2019

How to accelerate innovation by unlocking the value of data? How to receive data and take value from them? Holonix tries to answer to these questions that are coming from Italian and foreign companies’ needs.

I-Like Machines, an IoT Holonix suite, is thought for producers, maintainers and users that want to have real-time information about their machine functioning, to monitor them and to intervene promptly if any malfunction or alarm comes.

Thanks to the research and collaboration developed within Z-BRE4K, Holonix has the possibility to test and improve day by day his I-Like Machines suite. Indeed, I-Like Machine will be part of a more complex system, developed by the Z-BRE4K consortium and forefront in this sector, aiming at developing a platform about predictive maintenance enabling the decrease of failures and unexpected events and to improve production systems duration and quality.

I-Like Machine will then be integrated and tested at the industrial level at three European companies’ facilities – Gestamp, Spanish automotive components producer; Philips Holland and SACMI, an Italian company producing packaging machines – allowing Holonix  to increase its know-how and competences for a continuous improvement of their solutions.

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The original text in Italian is available at the following link: https://www.holonix.it/i-like-machines-e-il-valore-dei-dati/

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