ForeSee 1#Webinar – the Danobat/Spinea use case with Anne Sanz Arrizabalaga

On September 24th there will be the 1st webinar of the ForeSee cluster, hosted by CRIT from the Z-BRE4K Project.

During this first webinar, we will investigate the Danobat/Spinea use case with Anne Sanz Arrizabalaga from IK4-IDEKO, an industry driven Spanish Technological Centre. Ideko is partner of the PreCoM project aiming at bringing predictive cognitive maintenance solutions to the manufacturing industry increasing machinery in-service efficiency.

Anne Sanz will focus on one of the three use cases defined in PreCoM, covering discrete high volume manufacturing with SPINEA as an end user and DANOBAT-OVERBECK as a machine tool manufacturer.

The presentation will explain the challenges of implementing a Predictive Cognitive Decision Support system in SPINEA and will describe briefly every step of the implementation process: sensorizing and connecting the machine, deploying the hardware/software modules in order to provide a valid recommendation to the end through a innovative user interface.


Anne Sanz Arrizabalaga is a researcher of the ICT and Automation department in Ideko. IDEKO is a research centre specialised in industrial production and manufacturing technologies, with the aim to promote technological innovation of its customers. IK4-IDEKO is part of DANOBAT Group machine tool builder and Mondragon Corporation.


In the same webinar, we will host the presentation of the Whirlpool use case from the UPTIME project and we’ll host the keynote speech of Dr. Makris and  Dr. Alexopoulos from the SERENA project on Platforms and Microservices for manufacturing operations. Have a look at our News & event page and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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