On 28th and 29th October 2018 the Aerospace Big Data Europe took place in London.

The conference was organized by Flight Global a powerhouse of aviation and air travel data and analytics. It comprised several panels dedicated to business benefits that can derive from Big Data analytics, as well the key challenges that need to be overcome.

Professor Ali Mousavi from Brunel University attended the event and took part in the panel on the topic of data control: “Why data control remains buring topic for the aftermarket?”. He presented Z-BRE4K philosphy and approach to the predictive maintenance.

The panel ended with a lively debate on the contentious issue on the ownership and control of the access to an aircraft’s technical data. The call for collaboration between manufacturers and maintenance providers as a priority for 2019 of Matthew Evans, business architect and head of data analytics for Airbus’s Skywise digital services platform, concluded the discussion:

“As an aircraft manufacturer, let’s not stand behind locking the aircraft data. As an
MRO, let’s not stand behind locking the maintenance and reliability data of the
airlines. Let’s figure out how to work together. Let’s figure how to work with startups
and others that have good ideas. And let’s move forward.”

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