From 13th to 16th June 2018 our project partner BRUNEL University attended the NAXOS 2018 6th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management which was held at Naxos Island in Greece.

The NAXOS 2018 Conference objective was to raise the interest of the scientific community and the public and private competent authorities to inform them about the latest developments and achievements in the field of solid waste management. Biological Treatment, waste prevention, separation at source & recycling also constituted important themes of the conference agenda.

The event included also a Poster Session devoted to Environment related Competitive EU Programmes. In this occasion, Ali Mousavi, Professor of the Brunel University London, presented Z-BRE4K project with the poster:

“A. Mousavi, M. Razgon, V. Angadi, E. Katsou. Z-BRE4K: a novel predictive maintenance platform to eliminate unexpected-breakdowns and extend the life of production systems.”



The poster was well received by the partecipants who expressed interest on the theme of Predictive Maintenance and the need for this approach to reduce the downtime costs of the processes.

Conference Agenda


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