On 8th May 2018 CRIT, Dissemination and Exploitation Leader of Z-BRE4K Project, will host the seminar “Data Value For The Enterprises“.

Through the presentation of real case studies, the meeting will demonstrate that the tools of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence may have a breakthrough impact on a wide spectrum of industrial sectors.Indeed, companies have a great asset of information hidden in the massive amount of data that processes and manufacturing systems (or industrial in a broad sense) produce every day. This is the reason why Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Analytics are no longer futuristic concepts, but they make the present of many companies.

The effective use of data provides companies with essential knowledge bases for the pursuit of growth strategies based on quality and efficiency, to be transformed into value for numerous vertical applications such as, for example:

  • zero-defect production strategies that guarantee high quality products;
  • identification of the occurrence of anomalies for predictive maintenance;
  • advanced and predictive management of the product life cycle by estimating the residual life time of the components;
  • monitoring and forecasting the dynamics of company performance indicators;
  • optimization of energy consumption.


At the opening of the meeting, CRIT will present the approach to predictive maintenance applied to Z-BRE4K project and its technological solutions to be tested on the use cases proposed by SACMI, Philips and Gestamp.

The seminar will host Energy Way, MindIT, Statwolf and Whirlpool as invited speakers.


Seminar Info and Agenda

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