Interview with the Technical Director of Z-BRE4K project and CEO of ATLANTIS Engineering, Cosmas Vamvalis .


Cosmas if you could sum up for a customer the value proposition of Z-BRE4K in no more than a sentence, how would you present it?

An integration of excellent components in order to achieve unexpected ‘zero breakdowns’.


Predictive Maintenance for increased operating life of production systems is the topic on which Z-BRE4k project focuses, what do you mean for PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE?

To apply the right algorithms for each failure mode, in order to predict any failure which is going to happen in the future, while taking the appropriate actions to avoid these failures.


Why do you believe that research activities on PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE deserve European funding?

Industry 4.0 is very high in demand topic in the current European industrial agenda and predictive maintenance is one of the key elements of Industry 4.0. Concluding, predictive maintenance is a very complicated and, in parallel, very important field in which a lot of research and relevant results will take place in the following years.


As Managing Director of ATLANTIS Engineering, do you think that Z-BRE4K will increase the competitiveness of your company? How will the project results be integrated in ATLANTIS portfolio?

Z-BRE4K will definitely increase the competitiveness of our company. ATLANTIS Engineering is among the leaders in the South-East Europe in the Maintenance field and the enhancement of its portfolio with the Z-BRE4K internally developed software tools will be a real asset. Furthermore, the planned systematic collaboration with European leaders in the field, like the other Z-BRE4K partners, will give the chance to increase even more the competitiveness of our company in the region.

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