On February the 22nd, the bewitching city of Prague hosted the Practical Conference about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning applications; which can also be found in social networks under the name of Machine Learning Prague 2019.

‘We are in the ML Revolution age’, as ML Prague’s official site says. Precisely, that is the strong leitmotif this Practical Conference and its speakers wanted to emphasize: machines are learning, very fast. Do not let this opportunity go; learn and transform the threat in your biggest advantage.

Z-BRE4K is working hard to take the opportunity and be a part of this fourth industrial revolution. And so demonstrated our partner Aimen Technology Center, whose colleague, Roi Méndez, presented the results obtained with the IR system for arc welding monitoring, under the title: ‘Real-time arc welding process monitoring using Deep Learning on an IoT OPC UA device’.

Step by step, Z-BRE4K is moving forward towards the not-so-far future of the Smart Factories.

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